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Diligence. Passion.


What We Do

  • Verify benefits within 24 hours
  • HIPPA compliant with a secure long in system
  • Claims are sent within 24 hours
  • COMPLETE aging of all outstanding claims
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • We work with all insurances - Worker Comp, Personal Injury, Federal, etc.
  • We sign you up for ERA's and EFT's

What Clients Say

Gregory L., l.a.C

I used to run a practice on cash...before utilizing Acuclaims. Within a very short time my accounts receivable went up dramatically, followed by an increase in collections that has continued to this day. They have made an insurance based practice seem effortless and highly efficient. Everything they say state about their services is 100% true...tenacious in efforts to get insurance companies to pay...Their expertise extends to workers compensation as well as personal injury allowing me to care for patients I would have been unable to treat as a cash only provider.


Mori West has not only provided a consistent level of service, she has gone above and beyond on many, many occasions. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding insurance benefits and has always quickly handled insurance verifications. Chiroclaims is much more than a billing service, they are a member of our team. Mori and staff are professional in every sense of the word. We trust her knowledge of billing and we highly recommend her service to anyone who wishes to build a thriving practice

Dennis K., O.M.D., L.Ac.

 I want you to know I value the work you do for me. I believe you work hard for your money and really care about helping me and my patients. You have increased my income from what it was and that has more than paid for your services. You have saved me and my helpers hours and hours of frustration, aggravation and wasted time sitting on the phone which can instead be used to help more patients... Thank you for being there for my office through the last 4 (or has it been 5) years. You are literally a God-send!

J. Curcio, Stillpoint

Acuclaims service is superb.  Mori, the director, is highly skilled, highly experienced, and most importantly she REALLY CARES about her clients.  She is among the most highly experienced acupuncture medical billers (if not THE most highly experienced.)  She also has created streamlined process of insurance verification and claim submission that she continues to hone.  Her staff is quite friendly and Mori ensures maintains a high standard of service, regardless of which rep is assigned to your office.  The cost of doing the billing yourself is not just your time and aggravation, it is the cost of the unpaid or underpaid claims.  Acuclaims does EVERYTHING in their power to ensure that we get paid.  Mori is on a mission to make insurance companies pay up and reimburse acupuncturists for what we are worth. I have had Acuclaims submit claims that the insurance companies have said were "not received", then been denied, then gone to appeal, then gone second level appeal, and finally, 95% of the time are ultimately paid (the majority of the 5% that don't get paid are the result of shortcomings on our side related to inadequate SOAP notes.)  At first, I was hesitant to use Acuclaims, as their fees are slightly higher than other billers I contacted.  After several years of working with Acuclaims, I understand why.  The reimbursement rate by using Acuclaims is extremely high, and more than makes up for the slightly higher fee. Just to drive the point home, consider the following scenario.  If you run a small office that submits $5000 in claims per month and use a less experienced biller who gets a reimbursement rate of 80% and charges 7% for services, you net $3720 ($4000 in payments - $280 in fees).  Now, suppose you elect to use Acuclaims whose fees are 10% of collections, and we say conservatively that the reimbursement rate is 90%.  In this case you net $4050 ($4500 in collections - $450 in fees). That is $330 in additional earnings per month, or an 8% increase in reimbursement!  Do yourself a favor and use Acuclaims.  You will be glad you did.