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At ACUCLAIMS, we understand your needs AND the needs of your patients: You want charges processed promptly and checks issued quickly. Patients need to know that their insurance will pay for their treatment, without delay. Our service begins with ACCURATE verification of benefits, it continues by getting the claims out quickly. When the checks arrive we double check the explanation for errors and finally we work any aging accounts. Doing these four things consistently keeps the money coming in and stops problems from developing. Our way takes time and effort, but the results speak for themselves. We do what it takes and that requires providing a better level of service.






23440 Hawthorne Blvd #235        Torrance CA, 90505


Services Include:

Verification of Benefits

Our services include complete benefit verification, after all what’s the point of submitting a claim that has no chance of being paid? Typically done with a phone call, on the spot, if necessary, because we know some patients need to know their insurance will cover their treatment before they come in for their appointment.

Follow Up

 NO billing service does the kind of follow up we do. We call on every one of your outstanding claims and we do it every 30 days (or sooner if you are out of network and checks are going to the patient).

we keep informed

 Changes to state work comp laws, personal injury- we’re on top of it and will keep you informed. We’re the first to know about code changes and updates and now you will be too.


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